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Acacica University

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ACACIA University

Master program

12 months – 36 UK credits

v Master of Arts in Elementary Education : requires access to elementary classrooms.

v Master of Arts in Secondary Education : requires access to secondary  classrooms.

v Master of Education in Educational Administration : requires a minimum of 2 years of prior successful teaching experience and access to classrooms.

v Master of Education in Special Education : requires access to Special  Education Classrooms for implementations of strategies and assignments .

v Master of Education in English as a second Language : requires access to classrooms with ESL students (non-native speakers).

Why Choose Us?

Acacia University is based in Arizona , USA and has the Institutional Accreditation from DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission) which is an accreditation of postsecondary institutions in the United States that offer degree and /or non-degree programs primarily by the distance or correspondence education method upto and including the professional doctoral degree .

Students will receive guidance from our faculty throughout the program. We are recognized both nationally and internationally for our distinctive approach to teaching and student support.


Acaia is redefining education and helping learners realize their full potential , propelling them into excellence by delivering education through innovative forms of online learning .Acacia University is the result of two companies merging and the culmination of twelve years of pioneering ways to improve instruction and learning. It began with the vision of our founders (with over 100 combined years of experience at all levels) who were convinced that implementing research-based instructional strategies, learning communities within the classroom, and state of the art technology would result in enhancing teacher effectiveness and improving student learning.

Admission Requirements:

Students seeking admission to the course may have to fulfil the following criteria/requirement.

The Master’s Degree programs are 36 or 39-credit programs designed for graduate level educators who are presently teachers or administrators in a school setting or have regular weekly access to a school and classrooms


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